Wait a minute….I can!

I had a meeting today where a colleague in a different grade level, said they needed someone to teach Digital Citizenship. It took me a moment, but then I realized I CAN!!!!

I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to join COETAIL, but I am very happy for the sense of empowerment I feel for having completed it.

Admittedly, COETAIL at times has been frustrating and tedious, but to be sure many things worth doing are not easy. Staying the course, remaining open to learning new things and changing my approaches to my lessons have all enhanced my teaching practice. I now look for ways to engage my students more, and not necessarily always with technology.

I began COETAIL with the idea that I would get better at integrating technology in my class. COETAIL has given me so much more than that. Its empowered me, forced me to take risks, and given me the confidence to say yes I can!

My final project may seem simple for some, but with the young students I have, it seemed a good introduction into how we can use technology in our classroom. My students really enjoyed it, and seeing how engaged and enthused they were, makes me want to find other ways to engage them with technology.

I can safely say that this project is just the beginning, and I am so glad for the sense of empowerment I feel to be able to do more!

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Here is one of the videos a group of my students created.

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