Progress Report

We are almost at the end of this final project and my students have been working hard on making their videos for their second unit Sharing the Planet. Indeed, we are editing the videos and polishing them up. Nearing the end of the unit, we began thinking of ideas we wanted to share in our videos. My students began by making mind maps and putting their ideas on paper. This was an important step because it taught them that they had to really focus on what message they wanted to send through their videos. There were a few moments when I had to stop and recalibrate. Our initial idea was to produce 5 different videos on each biome. However, it became clear early on that it would be better if I mixed up my groups to allow for some differentiation and also because I needed to have some stronger students take the lead. This lead us to create two videos with each of my students taking part in the process at different stages.

I am also trying very hard to give them the freedom to be creative and make some mistakes. I would like to be able to look back at the videos and reflect on them as a class. My hope is that we can make more videos and use our reflections to improve on them.

Stay tuned.

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